High Calibre Customs was established in 2016. After producing a few trays and canopies through our metal fabrication business (Weerona Welding) we noticed there was high demand for quality ute trays that last and look the part. So, we went to the drawing board and developed a design of tray and canopy that would outlast many other brands. High Calibre Customs prides itself in being able to produce completely customised designs. Every tray or canopy has been designed around what customers want and then drawn on CAD to produce exactly what customers want.

Our builds have certainly been put to the test throughout rural Australia and survived. They’ve been submerged, swept away, and bogged nearly to the point of no recovery and have still survived.

These trays and canopies can survive just about anything you throw at them.

We use local suppliers around Canberra who we have worked with over the years to produce the ultimate product.